Study Finds Pharmacist-Provided MTM Improves Health Outcomes for Diabetes Patients

Published Online: Friday, February 1, 2013

February 1, 2013

Face-to-face medication counseling by pharmacist is key to improved patient health

Arlington, Va. – Underscoring the benefits of face-to-face medication therapy management services (MTM) to improve patient health, a study published in Population Health Management journal found that patients with diabetes experienced better health outcomes when pharmacist-provided MTM services were part of their overall disease therapy.

The study, “Optimal Diabetes Care Outcomes Following Face-to-Face Medication Therapy Management Services,” found that patients with diabetes experienced better control of the disease with pharmacist-provided MTM services than those diabetes patients who did not have these MTM services.

“Patients in the MTM group had higher rates of optimal diabetes management while they had face-to-face encounters with MTM pharmacists,” the study found. 

The study showed that when MTM services were discontinued, patients in this group returned to measurement levels that did not differ significantly from their baseline levels prior to the start of this research. 

“Patients with chronic diseases like diabetes may achieve better outcomes from regular follow-up with an MTM pharmacist to sustain the beneficial effect,” the study concluded.

Recent opinion research conducted by NACDS found that pharmacies are best known for their education, expertise and commitment in helping patients use medicines safely and effectively.  Through face-to-face medication counseling, pharmacists can help patients understand the importance of taking medications as prescribed and prevent potential drug interactions, especially with chronic diseases such as diabetes.

“This study really showcases the positive impact of pharmacist-provided MTM services for patients suffering from chronic diseases,” said NACDS President and CEO Steven C. Anderson, IOM, CAE.  “The face-to-face medical intervention by a pharmacist is irreplaceable and - as evidenced in this study - an important component of chronic disease patient management.”

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